Cricket World Cup 2024 Ball Price

World Cup Ball Price

Cricket is no longer limited to a few countries; the game is played and enjoyed all over the world. In India, it is even recognized as a religion. People elevate their favorite athletes to godlike status. With the development of league cricket, small cricketers now have more opportunities to make a name for themselves. If there is cricket, there are other things that go with it. The selling of cricket bats and balls has also grown. In such a circumstance, people want to know how much the ball and bat cost. In this article, we’ll discuss the cost of the Cricket World Cup Ball used. 

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Let’s find out how much a Cricket World Cup Ball costs

Various sorts of balls are utilized

People who follow and know cricket are well aware that it is mostly played in three formats: Test, One Day International, and Twenty20. In the Test format, the match lasts five days and can be split into two innings. In an ODI, there is one innings, whereas a T20 match can last up to 20-20 overs. A red ball is utilized in the test. ODI and T20 games are played with white turf balls. Pink balls are now being used in day-night Test matches.

Which ball, which company?

Different balls are chosen based on the format of the contest. T20 or ODI leather balls are white, while red is used in Test matches. Pink balls are currently used in day-night format test matches. Unlike the two-piece leather ball, this one is made of four pieces. It costs more than that as well. Certain nations use balls made by various manufacturers. In T20 and ODI cricket, the Kookaburra white ball is typically utilized. Additionally, the SG ball and Duke ball are used in various contexts.

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How much does one ball cost?

A lot of people are curious about the price of a ball. When it comes to the price of the turf white ball used in Twenty20 and One Day Internationals (ODIs), Kookaburra costs about fifteen thousand. Although the price may vary slightly among websites, it typically costs between 13 and 17 thousand rupees. In this series, balls from several firms, including SG, are also offered. Red leather balls range in price from three to four thousand. Additionally, this differs throughout companies.

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Extra Details

We are discussing cricket world cup ball thoroughly reviewed and analysed in this article. See the IPL 2024 Orange Cap List webpage for further details on the just concluded IPL and the impending T20 World Cup.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How much does an IPL ball cost?


2) In the IPL, what ball is used?

Kookaburra’s white ball was used in the TATA IPL 2024.

3) What ball is the current T20 World Cup using?

Kookaburra Ball, white. 

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