Fastest to 5000 runs in the IPL

Given the status of the Indian Premier League, reaching the milestone of scoring 5000 runs in the IPL is regarded as a huge success. The IPL is considered a top Twenty20 cricket event due to its challenging playing conditions and the kind of players who grace the league.

Only six players have amassed 5000 IPL runs throughout the Indian Premier League’s 14 seasons which shows their talent. Let’s find out who’s the actual Baap of the IPL

Players fastest to reach 5000 IPL Runs

Player Team Innings to reach 5000 runs
David Warner Sunrisers Hyderabad 135
Virat Kohli Royal Challengers Bangalore 137
AB de Villiers Royal Challengers Bangalore 161
Shikhar Dhawan Delhi Capitals/ Delhi Daredevils 168
Suresh Raina Chennai Super Kings 173
Rohit Sharma Mumbai Indians 187

The first player in the IPL to attain 5,000 runs: Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina of the Chennai Super Kings became the first player in the IPL to achieve the 5000-run mark. When CSK played RCB in the opening IPL 2019 match, Raina accomplished this accomplishment.

The batsman from Chennai, who had one century and 35 half-centuries at the time, needed 173 innings to attain the milestone. Virat Kohli came dangerously close to taking the mantle from him and becoming the King of the IPL

The fastest player in the IPL to reach 5,000 runs: David Warner

David Warner was the fastest batsman in the IPL to achieve 5000 runs, while Suresh Raina was the first player to do it. David Warner took just 135 innings to reach the 5000 runs milestone in the IPL, making him the first foreign batter to do so.

When SRH was playing Kolkata Knight Riders in the 2020 Indian Premier League, he accomplished this achievement. By then, Warner had amassed four hundreds and forty-four fifties during his IPL career, averaging 42.77.

The first player in the IPL to score 5,000 runs for a single team: Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli nearly broke the records for becoming the first and fastest player to score 5000 IPL runs at one point. After Raina scored his 5,000th IPL run, Kohli had amassed 4948 runs with four hundreds and thirty-four fifties.

Once, Kohli came quite close to surpassing Raina in the 2016 Indian Premier League because of this incredible season where he scored 973 runs. But, Raina had more time to figure things out because RCB missed the playoffs in 2018. 

AB de Villiers: In terms of balls faced, fastest to score 5,000

AB De Villiers is the fastest player to reach the 5000-run club in terms of balls faced, and he is only the second foreign player to reach 5000 after Warner. Warner faced 3554 balls to reach the benchmark, whereas AB de Villiers needed just 3288 balls to do it. Virat Kohli (3827 balls), Raina (3620 balls), and Sharma (3817 balls) trail him.

All these stats show that these players are truly the GOAT of Cricket. Their ability to hit so many fours in the IPL to be able to score fast fifties makes them stand apart from the rest. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1) In IPL history, who reached 5000 runs the quickest?

The fastest batter to reach 5000 runs in the IPL was Australia’s daring opener, David Warner.

2) Which player became the first to score 5,000 IPL runs?

Suresh Raina. 

3) Who has scored the most runs in the IPL history?

The fastest batter to reach 4,000 IPL runs is KL Rahul. 

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