Who is the Baap of IPL?

2008 Shaun Marsh 616 KXIP
2009 Matthew Hayden 572 CSK
2010 Sachin Tendulkar 618 MI
2011 Chris Gayle 608 RCB
2012 Chris Gayle 733 RCB
2013 Michael Hussey 733 CSK
2014 Robin Uthappa 660 KKR
2015 David Warner 562 SRH
2016 Virat Kohli 973 RCB
2017 David Warner 641 SRH
2018 Kane Williamson 735 SRH
2019 David Warner 692 SRH
2020 KL Rahul 670 KXIP
2021 Ruturaj Gaikwad 635 CSK
2022 Jos Buttler  863 RR
2023 Shubman Gill 890 GT

Are you aware of who the Baap of IPL 2024 is? Because of their outstanding accomplishments in the Indian Premier League, some players have earned the nicknames Baap or King. These athletes have accomplished their professional goals, which require a great deal of effort and commitment. To determine the real winners in each category, we shall examine the IPL’s Baap in terms of runs, wickets, captaincy, and fielding in this piece.

The popularity of the IPL and Player Mix- IPL Ka Baap Kon Hai

The players that compete in this esteemed competition are the reason behind the IPL’s fame. It features a superb fusion of elite players from throughout the globe and gifted native Indian players. The combination of such skills frequently sparks intense arguments among fans, with each declaring their favorite player to be the IPL’s Baap. Now, let’s examine and dissect the true IPL Baap based on their batting, bowling, and fielding stats.

Who is the IPL’s Batting Baap?

The Real IPL Batting Baap, Virat Kohli

Any ranking of the most run scorers in IPL history will inevitably include Virat Kohli, who is without a doubt the greatest batsman of this century. His performance in the competition has been nothing short of amazing. Virat Kohli is the top run scorer in IPL history with 7263 runs scored in 237 matches. With an astonishing strike rate of 130 and an average of 37.20, he has accomplished this achievement.

During his IPL career, Kohli has hammered seven hundred and fifty half-centuries, smashing an astounding 234 sixes and 643 fours. His all-time top score of 113 is still unsurpassed. Especially in the 2016 season, he scored an incredible 973 runs with four hundreds, setting a record that looks unbreakable. Thus, it is reasonable to say that Virat Kohli is the IPL’s real batting Baap.

Who is the Bowling Baap of IPL?

Yuzvendra Chahal: The IPL’s Bowling Baap

Without a doubt, Yuzvendra Chahal, also referred to as Yuzi, is the IPL’s best bowler. Since starting his IPL career in 2013, Chahal has had a big influence. Having played in 145 IPL matches, he has claimed 187 wickets, making him the most in IPL history. In 17 matches, he took 27 wickets in 2022, which was his finest IPL season. He had an excellent 2023 season, capturing 21 wickets in just 14 games. Yuzvendra Chahal is without a doubt the bowling Baap of the IPL as well as the King of the IPL, based on his incredible consistency and success in the competition.

Which IPL captain is the best?

Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni: The Legendary Captains( Godfather of IPL)

When it comes to the greatest captains in IPL history, Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni come to mind. They are the most successful leaders in the history of the competition, having captained their respective teams in the IPL and taking home five titles between them. Under the captaincy of MS Dhoni, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) won all of their IPL titles, while Mumbai Indians (MI) triumphed in every IPL edition led by Rohit Sharma.

In 243 IPL games, Rohit Sharma has amassed 6211 runs at an average of 29.6, with 42 half-centuries and a century. However, Dhoni participated in 250 IPL games, amassing 5082 runs at an average of 38.8, including 24 half-centuries. Both Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni have earned five IPL titles between them, making them legitimate contenders for the title of greatest captain in IPL history.

Who is the IPL’s Fielding Baap?

Suresh Raina: The Pinnacle of Greatness

The IPL’s all-time greatest fielder is generally agreed to be Suresh Raina, the pinnacle of fielding perfection. Raina has taken 109 catches in 205 appearances during his Indian Premier League career, many of them spectacular. His outstanding field reflexes frequently turn games around in a matter of seconds, making him an invaluable member of his squad.

Who is the IPL ka Baap of Sixers?

Chris Gayle: Unrivalled Aggression and Power

Known as the Sixer King of the Indian Premier League, Chris Gayle has become well-known for his ability to knock huge sixes and position himself as the boss of all bosses. Chris Gayle is an intimidating opponent for bowlers because of his unparalleled aggression and power. With 142 matches under his belt, Gayle has struck the most sixes in IPL history—a whopping 357 strikes. In T20 cricket, his unbroken 175* score from the IPL is still unbreakable. Chris Gayle certainly deserves to be called the Sixer King of the Indian Premier League with his incredible record.

The IPL’s Top Teams

Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK): The Dominant Forces

The Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are regarded as the two best IPL teams by most people. As the two best-performing teams in the IPL, they have each won five titles. The captains of CSK and MI, MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma, respectively, are mostly responsible for their teams’ achievements.

As the most successful captain in IPL history, MS Dhoni has captained 226 matches and won 133 of them, for an astounding success record of 59.37%. Closely behind CSK’s incredible record, Rohit Sharma has captained 158 matches and won 87 of them, making him the second-highest winning captain in the IPL with a success rate of 56.32%. Due to their consistency, CSK has advanced to the 10 out of 16 IPL finals, making them the most dependable team in the competition. With six IPL final appearances, MI is the second-most successful team behind CSK.

Baap of IPL FAQs

1. Who is regarded as the IPL’s Baap?

The phrase “Baap of IPL” describes players who have regularly performed exceptionally well in batting, bowling, fielding, captaincy, and hitting sixes, among other areas of the game. When it comes to batting in the IPL, Virat Kohli is frequently referred to as the Baap due to his outstanding statistics.

2. Who is the IPL player with the most runs ever?

The IPL record for most runs scored is held by Virat Kohli. He is now the top run scorer in Indian Premier League history, having collected an incredible 7263 runs in 237 games.

3. Which captain in IPL history is the best?

The two most successful captains in IPL history are regarded as MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma. They have shown to be outstanding leaders by leading their respective teams, the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings, to five IPL championships apiece.

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