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One of the most-watched cricket tournaments worldwide is the Indian Premier League (IPL). Fans from all over the world become incredibly excited about this tournament, which has had its share of memorable moments as well as theme songs that capture the genuine passion and emotion of the game.

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List of every IPL theme music, from historical to contemporary: 

IPL – 1 (2008)

“Cricket Ka Dharmayudh” or a “cricket war” was the title of the inaugural IPL theme song. It was written by A.R. Rahman and featured all of the top cricket players of the day competing against one another. Rahman’s characteristic flair was evident in the song.

IPL-2 (2009)

Since the 2009 IPL was held in South Africa, there was no theme song. Instead, an advertisement featuring players and citizens from many nations coming together as a result of the competition was played. It was titled “Divided by Nations, United by IPL.”

IPL-3 (2010)

The 2010 Indian Premier League featured two distinct theme songs. The first, “Saare Jahan Se Acha,” was written with the country in mind and featured all of the team captains standing in a crowded stadium, belting out the song. The cast of Extra Innings T20 danced to the theme song, “Lautaaya,” which was performed by the show’s stars.

IPL – 4 (2011)

“Dum lagakemara Ray” served as the 2011 Indian Premier League theme song. It featured the well-known trumpet sound that we have all grown accustomed to; the hit song was played repeatedly on radio, television, and pretty much everywhere in India.

IPL – 5 (2012)

“AisaMaukaAur Kaha Milega,” a hip-hop theme song, was the 2012 Indian Premier League theme song. Notable cricket commentators appeared in the music video.

IPL – 6 (2013)

“Jumping Zapak,” the 2013 Indian Premier League theme song, was one of the greatest due to its catchy lyrics and creative rhymes. In a humorous yet ultimately enjoyable medley, Kapil Dev and other celebs were included in the video.

IPL-7 (2014)

“Come on BulavaAaya Hai” was the 2014 Indian Premier League theme song. It included catchy lyrics and pop music like other IPL songs, and the video showed celebrities and pundits dancing.

IPL – 8 (2015)

The 2015 Indian Premier League theme song, “India ka Tyohaar,” was aptly named since the league had grown significantly by then and the song perfectly encapsulated the atmosphere. Indians from throughout the country could be seen in the video watching the cricketing hungama play out on TV.

IPL 9 (2016)

“Ek India Happywala” was the 2016 Indian Premier League theme song. Raj Pandit sang it, while Salim-Sulaiman wrote the music. The theme of “Spread love not hate” and bringing Indians together were the main goals of this song.

IPL – 10 (2017)

The 2017 Indian Premier League theme song was “Das Saal Aapke Naam.” The tenth IPL season is commemorated in this song. The theme song has a fresh, upbeat vibe, and it praises the audience for making it possible.

IPL 11 (2018)

“Yeh khelhaisherjawano ka,” the 2018 Indian Premier League theme song, showcases all of the world’s best cricket players competing against one another to be the best.

IPL 12 (2019)

The song “Game Banayega Name” was the 2019 Indian Premier League theme. The moral of the video is that you still need to perform, regardless of how well-known you are.

IPL 13 in 2020

The music video for the 2020 Indian Premier League song “Ab Khel Bolega” conveyed the idea that ultimately, your performance is what counts.

IPL 14 in 2021

India ka Apna Mantra, the IPL 2021 theme song, featured the captains of every team dancing to the IPl hit. Cricket fans find themselves treated to a treat every year in the form of IPL songs. One of the songs that goes viral the most in India is IPL music.

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IPL 15 in 2022

The Board of Control for Cricket in India founded the professional Twenty20 cricket league in 2007, and this was its fifteenth season. Here’s the song using the IPL 2022 theme and the line “Ab sab normal hai”:

IPL 16 in 2023

Like many well-known competitions, the Indian Premier League (IPL) releases a theme song for its supporters each year. One of the biggest competitions in India is the Indian Premier League (IPL), and each season has a special theme song written by well-known musicians. A fantastic theme song has been composed for the 2023 TATA IPL competition, which is scheduled to begin on March 31st. The IPL released a video and their newest theme tune, “Shor On Game On,” on its official Twitter account on March 8, 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Who wrote the IPL theme song?

Ron Vivo is the composer of the IPL Cricket Theme Song.

2) What is the IPL music’s past?

The IPL theme song’s origin tale takes place in South Africa in 2009, following the league’s relocation from India due to concurrent General Elections. The iconic Indian Premier League trumpet song that the stadium DJ plays every season may be the thing that unifies cricket fans the most.

3) What song will be performed at the 2023 IPL ceremony?

With an emotional performance, Arijit kicked off the celebration. The vocalist performed a few hit songs, including “Jhoome Jo Pathaan” from Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan and “Kesariya” from the movie Brahmastra. 

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