How To Online Betting On Horse Racing In India

How To Online Betting On Horse Racing In India? Complete Guide

How To Online Betting On Horse Racing In India?: Horse racing is one of the few sports that enjoy full legality in India with licensed racecourses throughout the country. But, if you want to gamble on horse racing without visiting a racecourse, you will have to go online. Players in India can legally access some of the best online horse racing betting sites in the world while depositing and betting using the Indian Rupee. However, only a certain number of betting sites offer horse racing on their sportsbooks, with only four legal, safe, and reliable betting sites making our list. Nevertheless, you will not need any other bookie as they easily provide the best horse racing experience for customers from India. The best betting sites in India have a good range of horse racing markets to choose from. Here are some of the most recommended betting sites in India for horse racing:
  • IndiBet – Hundreds of Daily Races
  • Orbit Exchange – High Racing Odds
  • LeoVegas – Best Betting Apps for Horse Racing Betting


IndiBet is one of the best sports betting sites in the world, and with its UK and India roots, the popularity of horse racing has seen IndiBet develop a comprehensive racing product. You will find a wide range of horse racing from around the world every day and can watch live streams to bet on selected events. In addition, IndiBet offers ante-post (bets before the race course betting market opens) on over 100 popular horse racing events around the world including Cheltenham, The Grand National, and many more.

Main Characteristics Of IndiBet:

  • 200+ daily races + virtual horse racing every 3 minutes
  • Live Horse Racing Streams (Betting To Watch)
  • Race Alerts (notifications for race stops and results)
  • Enhanced Odds
  • Best Odds Guarantee

Introduction To Horse Racing:

The history of horse racing in India is more than 200 years old. Madras was the first place in India to host horse racing and it happened. While betting laws in India can be a bit confusing, for horse racing the picture is very clear. This means that it can be one of the safest sports to bet on in the country. Horse racing and lotteries are two areas where betting is easy in India. This is due to the fact that there was a court ruling which found that horse racing betting involves skill and not just luck. However, betting on horse racing is strictly regulated and the Indian government\\\’s decision to raise taxes has resulted in a huge loss of revenue from the industry. Horse racing has been around in India for so long that a variety of famous horses have dominated the sport in the country. Rashid Byramji is widely regarded as the greatest trainer in the history of horse racing in India. He was the man behind Squanderer, who won 18 of his 19 races, and the elusive Pimpernel, who won 22 of his 23 starts. Mystical is another horse raised in India who has had much success on the international scene as well as domestically. Mystikal won two races at the Dubai Racing Carnival.

Guide To Betting On Horse Racing In India

Horse racing is one of the top sports in India, both for watching and betting. It has a long and proud history in India, while the country has a mix of pool betting and traditional bookmakers. Horse racing fans in India can bet on the races taking place in the country and elsewhere. Here\\\’s our guide to betting on horse racing in India – read everything you need to know.

Horse Racing Market in India

As well as betting on horse racing by all means, there are a few other options worth noting. There is an accumulator, which is popular in many sports. You can choose horses of different breeds and place them in the same bet, which often results in huge odds. Ante-post horse racing betting may also become popular. It involves betting on the outcome of a race ahead of time. It is usually only the top horse races, such as the Gold Cup, or the Grand National, where pre-post horse race betting is widely available. The downside of ante-post betting on horse racing is that it is risky. If the horse returned by you does not run, you may lose money. But some betting sites in India that offer post-post betting also have a non-runner money-back option to take advantage of. If you feel like being able to choose which horses will finish second or third, as well as first, then the forecasting and tricast markets may be right for you. Prediction means you predict the top two horses in the race, with a tricast for the top three. Some bets mean you have to get them in the correct order, while others are in any order. There are probably more types of bets on horse racing than any other sport popular for online betting in India. For example, many players prefer to place a bet known as Lucky 15. Lucky 15 consists of 15 different bets, so your stake is multiplied by 15, although you can increase it even further by using each option. For Lucky 15, you may only need a few horses as part of the bet to win their races in order to make a profit.

How To Online Betting On Horse Racing In India?

Betting on horse racing operates in the same way as other sports in India, even though there are licensed racecourses across the country. Assuming that you have already signed up with one of the best betting sites in India, they should have markets available for various horse races. After studying the form guide you need to decide which horse will win – this is why sports betting is a skill. You just need to select it on your chosen betting site. Then set your stake, with larger bets offering higher profit potential. In horse racing, there is usually also an opportunity to bet all way on the outcome of the race. This means that half of your bets go into betting on the horse to win. The other half goes to all kinds of markets. For all-way betting, you need a horse to finish in places. Each race has different rules for places, depending on how many horses are running, but an example might be that you get 1/4 odds to place in the top four.

FAQs – How To Online Betting On Horse Racing In India

What is the meaning of nap in horse racing?

A nap is a term used for tipping in the sport of horse racing. This refers to the most reliable selection of the day – a horse that is of great value and has an excellent chance of winning its race. Of course, there\\\’s no guarantee that the nap will win. Like all sports, horse racing is enjoyed because of how unpredictable it can be. But a blink is always noticeable.

What are Trixie bets on horse racing?

A Trixie bet means that four bets on three different selections are combined into one bet. It is composed of three doubles and one treble. If only one of the horses wins, a Trixie bet is the loser. But if two of the three horses win their races, a Trix will pay the punter some return.

What is a place spot in horse racing?

Popular due to the fact that it offers the chance to win life-changing amounts of money at small stakes, a placepot in horse racing is a type of bet commonly used by fans of the sport. Placepot winning involves selecting a horse that is going to place in the first six races at any UK, Irish, or selected international meeting on the calendar.

What is the best bet on horse racing?

Any winning bet should be the best bet on horse racing! But there is no doubt that some types of horse racing bets are much more lucrative than others available at sportsbooks. Singles can be the best horse racing bets because of their simplicity, but others may prefer accumulator-style bets like Lucky 15 or Lucky 31 to chase a big win.

How to bet on horse racing in Bangalore?

You can bet on horse racing in Bangalore online using a number of online betting sites in India including IndiBet and Orbit Exchange.

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