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What is the Price of IPL Stumps?

Arshdeep Singh of the Punjab Kings bowled the most costly final over in the 2023 Indian Premier League on Saturday, April 22, 2023, not in runs but in real money.

You read correctly. In two separate deliveries against the Mumbai Indians, Arshdeep smashed the LED middle stump. The ball broke into two pieces after hitting the stumps where the camera is located on both quite similar deliveries. This photo clearly illustrates how the stump mic is shooting out of the stump. No one had witnessed a pacer breaking stumps on consecutive deliveries till now. Following that, there was a surge in inquiries on social media on the price of these LED stumps. You need look no further if you are one of them. I’ll break it down for you here. Let me briefly discuss the history of the LED stumps’ invention before I tell you how much they cost.

IPL Stumps Price-

The price of these stumps can vary depending on various factors such as quality, material, and brand. Teams and organizers often invest in high-quality stumps to ensure the smooth conduct of matches.

IPL LED Stump Price 2023

Technology and invention

The LED stumps were created in 2012 by engineer and former Australian-grade cricket player Bronte EcKermann. In Australia, he established Zing International alongside David Leggitwood. Director of Zing International EcKermann was inspired by one of his daughter’s toys, which resembled a cricket bail and had LED lights inside, to develop the concept of LED bails placed on top of the stumps.

Traditionally, wooden stumps and bails are used in international cricket; but, with the development of LED stumps, their use has decreased.

Despite being composed of composite plastic, the LED stumps include microphones, cameras, and LED lights integrated into them. Furthermore, low-voltage batteries that are hidden power the Zing bails. They are made up of microprocessors that sense when the bails come loose from the edge of the stump. When the bails come into touch with the ball, bat, or any player, they light up in less than 1/1000th of a second. Subsequently, the microprocessor initiates a radio transmission to the stumps, causing them to illuminate. LED stumps are pricey because of all this sophisticated technology.

LED Stumps Price in IPL :

LED cricket stump usage

In 2013, the Australian Big Bash League used these inventive stumps for the first time. Following this, the International Cricket Council gave its approval for LED stumps to be used in international cricket in July 2013.

LED stumps were later implemented by the ICC for the Bangladesh 2014 T20 World Cup. The cricket fraternity responded well to this. These stumps have since been adopted by the ICC in all significant ICC competitions held worldwide. However, the national boards also employed these advanced stumps for their bilateral series and T20 franchise leagues, including The Hundred, the BBL, and the Indian Premier League.

Making decisions more easily

These LED stumps have now somewhat eased the umpires’ duties. How?

You see, it was difficult to tell in real-time whether the bails had been removed while using the conventional stumps and bails. Making the right call took some time, even with the third umpire’s assistance. However, this is no longer the case. Both in low light and at a distance, the LED stumps are easily visible. Furthermore, the moment the bails are broken, they begin to glow. Making it simpler for the third umpire and the on-field umpires to make the proper decisions in close calls, including runouts and stumpings.

IPL LED Stumps Price:

How much LED stumps cost

Let’s go on to the primary query. How much do LED stumps cost?

Several variables, including the location, the manufacturer, and the quality of the stumps, could affect the cost. According to Zing International, a set of LED stumps, which are made of bails, costs about $40,000, or between ₹30 and ₹35 lakhs in India.

You might be shocked to learn that only one Zing bail costs ₹50,000! That money can be used to purchase a good laptop for business.

LED stumps from other manufacturers, such as StumpVision and Intelliconn, range in price from $5,000 to $20,000 [₹4 lakhs to ₹16 lakhs].

What is the cost borne by BCCI?

Thus, these pricey LED stumps are not purchased by the BCCI or any other body. Zing International and the BCCI have an extended agreement in place for the provision of stumps. The Australian company provides the BCCI with these LED stumps for both home international matches and the IPL. The Federal claims that the BCCI paid Zing International around Rs. 1.60 crores for the 2021 IPL and Rs. 2 crores for the 2022 IPL.

Zing’s obligation under the arrangement is to maintain the stumps and bails. Additionally, the expense of replacement stumps is borne by the organizers if a stump breaks during play, as was the case recently in the IPL.

Luckily, Arshdeep Singh won’t have to pay for it; if he had, his wallet would have been destroyed! That’s all I have to say. Give it to cricket enthusiasts!

IPL Stumps Price FAQs

1) Why is a cricket stump so expensive?

When the bails come into touch with the ball, bat, or any player, they light up in less than 1/1000th of a second. Subsequently, the microprocessor initiates a radio transmission to the stumps, causing them to illuminate. LED stumps are pricey because of all this sophisticated technology.

2) In the IPL, who broke the stump?

Arshdeep’s deadly yorkers directed against Tilak Varma and Nehal Wadhera are a stump buster.

3) What material are IPL stumps made of?

Together, the stumps and bails—which are often constructed of wood, most frequently ash—create a wicket at each end of the pitch. Each wicket measures 9 inches (22.9 cm) in total width.

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