Most sixes in the IPL by Team 2024

The complete name of the Indian Premier League is IPL. Founded in 2008, it is the world’s biggest and wealthiest cricket competition. From 2008 to 2024, it gets increasingly captivating and enjoyable. It’s one of the biggest cricket festivals.

The number of viewers is growing daily. Because of the pandemic, the IPL had poor viewership in 2020 and 2021; however, in 2022, viewership increased. Additionally, adding two new teams for the IPL 2022 is the primary driver of the rise in viewership. We will discuss which teams in the IPL from 2008 to 2024 scored the most sixes in our blog post today.

Most Sixes in IPL By Team 2024 Winner List


1 Mumbai Indians 1408 231 6.07
2 Royal Challengers Bangalore 1377 227 6.09
3 Punjab Kings 1276 218 5.80
4 Chennai Super Kings 1268 208 6.13
5 Kolkata Knight Riders 1226 223 5.44
6 Delhi Capitals 1147 224 5.08
7 Rajasthan Royals 1011 191 5.28
8 Sunrisers Hyderabad 777 152 5.09
9 Deccan Chargers 400 75 5.33
10 Pune Warriors India 196 46 4.26
11 Rising Pune Super Giants 157 30 5.23
12 Gujarat Lions 155 30 5.17
13 Lucknow Super Giants 115 15 7.09
14 Gujarat Titans 79 16 5.18
15 Kochi Tuskers Kerala 53 14 3.79

Most Sixes in IPL By Team All Season

1. Mumbai Indians- 1408 sixes

The most successful team in the IPL is the Mumbai Indians. In the years 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020, they took home five titles. With 1408 sixes, they are also in the lead in the most sixes table. Over 231 matches, they struck 1408 sixes. In every match, they score 6.07 sixes.

2. 1377 Sixes, Royal Challengers Bangalore

In the history of the IPL, Royal Challengers Bangalore has had lineups that are both dangerous and devastating. In 227 games, Royal Challengers Bangalore scored 1377 sixes or 6.09 sixes per game.

3. 1276 Sixes Punjab Kings

With eight sixes, Punjab Kings, who have played 218 IPL 2008 matches so far, are just a hair ahead of Chennai Super Kings. A lot will depend on who does well in the next IPL season. They scored 5.80 sixes per game, for a total of 1276 sixes in 218 matches.

4. 1268 Sixes, Chennai Super Kings

The joint-most successful team in IPL history is Chennai Super Kings. They have five IPL championships, having won them in 2010, 2011, 2018, 2021, and 2023. In terms of sixes hit, they are ranked fourth. Over 208 encounters, they have struck 1268 sixes.

5. 1226 Sixes, Kolkata Knight Riders

One of the best teams in the IPL is the Kolkata Knight Riders. Under Gautam Gambhir’s leadership, they won two IPL championships in 2012 and 2014. With 1226 sixes in 223 matches and 5.44 sixes per match, they were rated fifth.

6. The 1147 Sixes by Delhi Capitals

The sixth-place team on this list is Delhi Capitals, formerly known as Delhi Daredevils. They have participated in the IPL since 2008. In 224 games, the Delhi Capitals have hit 1147 sixes. They had excellent batting lineups the entire season, but their bowling attack is lacking.

7. 1011 by Rajasthan Royals 

The first-season IPL champions, the Rajasthan Royals, were led by the renowned Australian cricketer Shane Warne. They struck 1011 sixes in 191 matches, good for seventh place. The two-year ban for the Rajasthan Royals stemmed from match-fixing.

8. 777 Sixes by Sunrisers Hyderabad

Since 2012, the IPL 2016 champion has smacked 777 sixes in the competition’s history. Big names in sports participated in this league. Among the players are Shikhar Dhawan, David Warner, and plenty of others. However, David Warner’s batting was extremely important. He’s the three-time Orange Cup winner. Despite being the team’s leader, he switched to the Delhi Capitals for the 2022 Indian Premier League.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) In IPL history, which team has scored the most sixes?

Since the 2008 IPL, the Mumbai Indians have hit 1408 sixes in 231 games.

2) In IPL history, how many sixes did CSK hit?

CSK has struck 1268 sixes since the 2008 IPL, placing them at number four on this list.

3) In the IPL, which player has hit the most number of sixes?

In 142 games, Chris Gayle has 357 sixes.

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