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IPL Toss 2024

“Embrace what has been asked of you if you lose the toss,” said Virat Kohli.

In cricket, several elements are beyond the players’ and coaches’ control. The first one is the weather, and the second is the IPL toss. We frequently discuss how much luck is involved in the toss. Certain captains are extremely fortunate to win tosses, particularly on significant occasions, while others are not as fortunate.

Let’s examine in more detail how much the toss aspect influences the outcome of the match. This analysis of tosses is based on IPL statistics from 2008 to 2024. In a Twenty20 match, especially at night when dew poses a significant threat to the bowling team attempting to defend the total, the toss is extremely important.

First, let’s look at a general toss factor for all 17 seasons of data

One well-known saying from the IPL or T20s is “toss win match win.” Still, there is some balance in this pie chart. A team has a 52% chance of winning and a 48% chance of losing if they win the toss.

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Does toss truly have such a big impact on a team’s success?

Even while the overall record indicates that luck doesn’t really matter, it does matter in crucial or significant games like the semifinals and championships. The pressure to post large totals on the scoreboard or chase those runs differs from other matches, especially in the major games. While some teams are strong at defense, others are more at ease chasing. Thus, if a team doesn’t receive the desired results, they should become alarmed. Talking enough, let’s look up some figures.

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The toss factor in major games

In essence, the main match is a knockout contest. There are four knockout matches in the IPL. These are Qualifier 1 (to determine the first finalist), Qualifier 2 (to determine the second finalist), and the Final (to determine the fourth place). The Pie chart is created using the results of these matches’ toss. This chart is unbalanced, in contrast to the last one. As a matter of fact, a team’s chances of winning double when they win the toss.

Large teams use toss results to their advantage to win games. This section mostly discusses how a team, regardless of the toss factor, becomes successful by winning important matches.

The five clubs that have participated in the Big Matches over the course of the IPL seasons are MI, CSK, KKR, and RCB. There will be separate discussions for every team.

Each of the four scenarios is analyzed for each squad. These are the ones that follow:

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MI (Mumbai Indians)

Given that the TWMW in this instance is 43.8%, it can be concluded with confidence that MI has a good track record of winning tosses in important games, which has a direct impact on their play. However, what matters most is that they are the most successful squad with TLMW of 18.8%. Even against overwhelming odds, MI is able to win significant games.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

CSK and MI are in the same league. They have qualified for the finals many times and have won five titles. The MI team is one of the most successful in the IPL since their chart is likewise quite comparable to theirs.

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

During the past 16 years, RCB has made it to three finals without taking home a trophy. MI and CSK have won more tosses than RCB. However, when the odds were against them, they were unable to win the contests. They have the lowest percentage of winning a game (16.7%) when they lose the toss, and the highest rate of losing a match (41.7%) when they lose the toss. A team needs to be able to win the game in any circumstance in order to succeed.

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)

In these 16 years, KKR has won two trophies(2012, and 2014) and finished runners-up once in 2021. They have a 67% record in the finals, but they have only made it there thrice, so the values are fairly balanced. There isn’t much to infer from this record. Even though they have lost more throws than they have won, KKR has the greatest percentage (30%) of winning games. KKR may have taken home more trophies if they had been as fortunate as MI and CSK.

Toss factor in IPL 2024

In his 13 IPL games with CSK, Ruturaj has won just one toss, with Du Plessis having the greatest toss-win rate.



Total Tosses

Win Percentage

Hardik Pandya



25 (59.52%)

Ruturaj Gaikwad



1 (9.09%)

Shubman Gill



3 (25.00%)

KL Rahul



26 (41.94%)

Faf du Plessis



23 (62.16%)

Sanju Samson



29 (51.79%)

Shreyas Iyer



35 (53.03%)

Shikhar Dhawan



11 (40.74%)

Pat Cummins



5 (41.67%)

Rishabh Pant



22 (52.38%)


Even though the toss factor generally has little bearing on the outcome of the game, it does provide insight into the team’s balance and planning outside of the toss results. Whether they win the toss or not, a flawless squad will always manage to win. However, if the team’s mental state is being negatively impacted by the outcomes, they must adjust their strategy to the pitch and weather.


1) What is the composition of the IPL toss coin?

It is composed of nickel or alloyed metal coins, which are widely used worldwide. In a bilateral series, the home team’s currency is typically displayed on the coin.

2) Describe the toss rule

On the playing field, in front of one or both umpires and no sooner than thirty minutes or later than fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled or rescheduled time for the start of play, the captains will flip a coin to determine which innings to play.

3) Should one bat or bowl first?

Go bat first.

Come hell or high water, many adhere to the “bat first” principle. In most cases, this is an approach that appeals to you. You have control over the declaration in declaration games, and you set the goal in restricted formats. Batting first has faith in the bowlers and batsmen to do their respective roles

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