IPL 2024 Auction Live Streaming in India

Do you look forward to the IPL Auction in 2024? Tuesday, December 19, 2023, is the scheduled date for the IPL Auction 2024 in the Dubai Coca-Cola Arena. December is here, which means that the IPL auction period has returned. The team hopes to retain players on November 26 and close the deficit the following release, thus there will be a mini-auction. Only 333 individuals—214 of whom were Indian and 119 of whom were foreigners—were shortlisted from a total of 1166 players who registered for the auction.

Only 77 maximum places among 10 teams are available for the IPL Auction 2024, of which 30 are occupied by foreign players. About 23 participants have maintained their base price of INR 2 crore, based on the auction list that is currently accessible. For a variety of reasons, cricket players Joe Root, Ben Stokes, and Jofra Archer from the England side withdrew from the auction. Not even Kedar Jadhav, one of the most well-known players on the Indian side, is on the shortlist for the IPL 2024 auction. To discover more about the IPL Auction 2024, let’s investigate the article.

IPL 2024 Live Updates

When and where to Watch ?

On December 19, the much-awaited IPL Auction 2024 will take place in Dubai. The live stream of the auction will begin at 1 pm and be available on Indian streaming platforms. There are about 333 players on the shortlist that will participate in the 17th IPL season. Among them, 214 are Indian players and 119 are players from other countries. The limited number of plots available to them is 77, with 30 reserved for international players and the rest spots for Indian players.

IPL auction 2024: Timing and Location

The IPL auction 2024 will begin at 11:30 AM (local time in Dubai). As per the Indian Standard Time (IST), the mini-auction will commence at 1 PM.

The whole IPL auction roster for 2024

There are 333 players in the IPL Auction 2024 pool who have been shortlisted. Ten franchises occupy a total of seventy-seven spots. Thirty of those are occupied by players from outside India, with the remaining places going to players from abroad. The 17th season of the Indian Premier League will include 214 players from India and 119 international players. 

What kind of players teams are aiming to get in mini-auction

On December 19, the IPL 2024 auction is scheduled to take place in Dubai. 33,3 players in total, representing 12 nations—including India—will take part in this auction. Among them, 119 players from outside India and 214 players from India will compete. Below is a list of all-rounders from the Indian side that will be competing in the 2024 Indian Premier League Auction.

Travis Head

Travis Head, who performed admirably in the ODI World Cup, is the first name on the rounders list. Using his ball, he helped his team win two vital wickets in the semi-finals. At a starting price of Rs 2 crore, the excellent player Travis Head has registered for this year’s IPL auction.

Rachin Ravindra

The reason this spin all-rounder from New Zealand is being discussed is that they made their World Cup debut. Most cricket fans initially thought of this player as a primary spin bowler who could also bat, but only during the World Cup. A player named Rachin Ravindra batted for his team and for New Zealand at positions #1, #2, and #3. He was the batsman with the highest run total. In addition to this, he bowled well and claimed a few wickets. The team may be prepared to pay crores of rupees for this left-handed talent in this kind of situation.

Azmatullah Omarzai

Azmatullah Omarzai, an Afghan all-round player with quick bowling, can also open doors for numerous franchises. This player, from Afghanistan, played brilliantly during the ODI World Cup. Even if he isn’t as good as he once was, Umjai still had a lot of great middle-order innings and claimed some incredible wickets with both new and old balls. In addition to being a middle-order batsman, this player is known for his quick bowling. Therefore, in the IPL auction in 2024, bids worth crores of rupees could be placed for this fantastic all-rounder.

Pat Cummins

Pat Cummins, who captained Australia to the World Test Championship and ODI World Cup this past year, is the next Australian player on the IPL auction 2024 list. But Pat Cummins, who holds the record for the quickest half-century in IPL history, is particularly well-known for his quick bowling. In addition, the team gains the option of having a captain who has won an international championship thanks to this player. Pat Cummins can be purchased for crores of rupees at base price in such a situation.

Shardul Thakur

The IPL auction 2024 list also includes the name of an Indian player. Shardul Thakur is referred to as Lord because of his reputation for getting two or three wickets at a time. Aside from this, Shardul’s batting can provide a few big hits in the bottom order.

Where in India is the IPL Auction 2024 available for streaming?

The IPL Auction 2024 will be shown live on streaming platforms as soon as it begins in Dubai on December 19. You can visit Jio Cinema to watch the live streaming of the IPL Auction 2024. Additionally, it will be broadcast live on other Indian sports networks, including Star Sports 2HD, Star Sports 2, Star Sports Select 1, Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports 3, and Star Sports First TV.

IPL 2024 Auction Live 

The wait is ended. Eventually, on December 19, 2023, the IPL Auction 2024 will begin. Players have a predetermined basic price. The shortlist consists of 343 players in total, including both Indian and foreign athletes. The council creates the team sets. To bolster their rosters for the IPL Auction, all 10 clubs are putting in a lot of effort. Two crores is the maximum reserve price for the player. The 23 players with the highest worth include Travis Head, Pat Cummins, Shardul Thakur, and Harshal Patel, the World Cup winners. Pat Cummins and Travis Head are predicted to receive enormous bids.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When does the 2024 IPL Auction begin?

December 19, 2024, in Dubai, is when the IPL Auction 2024 will begin.

2. How many players were included on the IPL Auction 2024 shortlist?

The shortlist has 333 players, including 119 foreign players and 214 Indian players.

3. How many players maintain a two-crore base price?

For the IPL Auction, over 23 players maintain their starting price of 2 crore.

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