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IPL 2009 Final

IPL 2009 Final Highlight-

DC crowned champions in a thrilling finale

The Deccan Chargers charged out to defend a small total because they took the bull in their insignia too seriously in ipl 2009 final.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 137 for 9 (Ojha 3-28, Symonds 2-18) lost to Deccan Chargers 143 for 6 (Gibbs 53*, Kumble 4-16) by a margin of six runs.

The Deccan Chargers used the bull in their logo to their advantage as they defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore and triumphed in a competition where they had finished last the season. In a thrilling final that swung and turned and lived up to the occasion, they hustled and sledded their way to victory. They also bowled with fire and fielded with aggression.

2009 IPL Final Winner

The final of those pivotal moments came in the 15th over, which was bowled by Andrew Symonds, who replicated his earlier evening verbal prowess by taking the wickets of Virat Kohli and Ross Taylor with consecutive deliveries. When the over began, Bangalore was 99 for 6, and Taylor had looked dangerous in his 20-ball 27. However, Symonds’ over was emblematic of the entire evening: each time a batter eluded the bowling, a breakthrough forced the batting side to regroup.

With three fewer wickets conceded than Bangalore comfortably amassed in the semi-final, Deccan came out firing, and their enthusiasm was evident in their play. Symonds followed Manish Pandey, the newest tyro, from the dugout to the crease. During his innings, Pandey was a man on a mission. Symonds gave him lip service and followed him around. Ryan Harris matched the intensity with the ball, consistently hitting 145 mph in the opening over, which resulted in a maiden.

Jacques Kallis tried to relieve his 19-year-old partner of some of the burden. Kallis took two boundaries in Harris’ subsequent over to start the chase. When Kallis pulled onto his stumps, RP Singh regained equilibrium, but Roelof van der Merwe emerged and exploited adrenaline to drive Bangalore closer to the target.

Symonds and Harris gave van der Merwe a tongue-lashing, but he answered with two sixes off one over. Harris had gone for 23 in three overs despite being maimed. Van der Merwe’s fireworks kept Deccan at a distance even after Pragyan Ojha dismissed Pandey with the first ball he bowled.

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Ojha beat him in the flight, but he dropped his bat and achieved an edge that kept him from being stumped. As he scored the first run, he took up his bat and converted a two into a three. He then raced down the middle of the pitch, dove into the stumps at the non-striker’s end, and avoided being run out.

After taking one-six, van der Merwe’s adrenaline overcame him, causing him to run out to Ojha and get stumped. There was a noticeable stress that even affected a seasoned professional like Rahul Dravid. Harmeet Singh was the target of Bangalore, and Dravid mishandled the scoop, getting bowled. But with Taylor and Mark Boucher in, Bangalore was still ahead.

After hitting three fours and a six, Taylor appeared to be dispatching Bangalore with ease, but Symonds got him with a little extra bounce. After Adam Gilchrist skillfully stumped the next ball down the leg side, Boucher was left with no options.

Harmeet claimed Boucher on the cut during his last over, which Gilchrist attempted to get past. The distribution of bowlers was ideal: Ojha and Harris each had one, and RP had two remaining. RP Singh and Ryan Harris maintained their composure in the face of a six from Robin Uthappa as Bangalore needed 27 from the next two overs and 15 from the final over, with two wickets remaining.

One felt bad for Anil Kumble, who spent much of the final over at the non-striker’s end and watched his dream come crashing down, amidst the stress of the second innings. Kumble had earlier celebrated like a youngster, but he bowled like the seasoned champion he is, restricting Deccan to a reasonable target.

Winner of IPL 2009 Final Match

After bowling the opening over of the game and getting Gilchrist out, he returned to dismiss Symonds in the ninth over. Symonds was dropped by Dravid on the fifth ball, and that wicket was vital since it was hauntingly reminding Bangalore of the line that his batting partner Herschelle Gibbs was apocryphally told during the 1999 World Cup. In the 17th over, Kumble entered the field once more to end a risky 52-run partnership between Gibbs and Rohit Sharma, who had pushed Deccan to 110 for 3.

Gibbs had a strange little inning at the end. He had not made much of an attempt to farm the strike at the end and had been unremarkable in his battle to score runs earlier. In the final three overs, he faced just six balls, and he continued to take twos to give Harris the strike. Similar to how Sachin Tendulkar, under more difficult circumstances, batted the entire 20 overs for less than 60 in the opening match of the competition, he did so here. They both managed to prevail in the end.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How many times did RCB earn a spot in the IPL final?

Despite making three final appearances (in 2009, 2011, and 2016), RCB has never taken home the championship.

2) Who led the Deccan Chargers as captain in 2009?

Adam Gilchrist.

3) Where is the IPL trophy stored?

The International Cricket Council retains the real trophy in its offices in Dubai, but the winning team receives a copy that is the same as the original, save for the previous winners’ inscription.


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