MS Dhoni Earning

How Much Does MS Dhoni Earn?

Curious about how much does M.S. Dhoni earn?  from a variety of sources, including the BCCI, the IPL, investments, and endorsements. He became one of the wealthiest cricket players in the nation because of all of these.

The path of Mahendra Singh Dhoni has not been easy. His life story demonstrates how his batting prowess, fortitude, and cool captaincy changed the game of cricket. Ever since the IPL 2024 began, his performance has been the talk of the town. In addition to his performance, MS Dhoni’s IPL compensation grabbed attention.

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Dhoni’s estimated net worth as of right now is INR 1000 crores. This Ranchi-born cricketer’s success has been aided by multiple sources of money. Among these resources are:

    • MS Dhoni’s IPL pay, which includes Dhoni’s salary at CSK

    • Salary of MS Dhoni Army

    • Salary of MS Dhoni BCCI

    • MS Dhoni’s salary and social media posts endorsements

    • Investments in companies by MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni IPL Salary 2024

MS Dhoni’s compensation for the current IPL season is an incredible INR 12 crores. He now ranks among the IPL 2024 players with the highest salary. He is just a little bit behind KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Rishabh Pant, and a few more Indian cricket players.

The IPL 2024 would have 74 matches. It implies that ten teams will each get to play fourteen games. The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are led by Dhoni. If the club plays in all 14 games, Dhoni’s CSK salary for the 2024 Indian Premier League may be INR 85.87 lakhs per match.

MS Dhoni Salary Per Month

Total Matches 74
Total Teams 10
Possible CSK Matches 14
Dhoni IPL salary per match INR 85.87 lakhs

MS Dhoni Career Earning

Since 2008, IPL owners have always favored the “Captain Cool.” He has only ever played for the Rising Punjab Supergiants and CSK in the Indian Premier League. From all of the IPL games he has played thus far, he has taken home a total of INR 176 crores.

MS Dhoni Salary from BCCI

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) paid Dhoni a handsome salary while he was a part of the Indian cricket team. The highest cricket-governing body in India sets player compensation based on their grade.

Dhoni played grade-A cricket for his country both nationally and internationally. From 2007 to 2017, he captained the Indian team in limited-overs cricket for ten years. In addition, from 2008 to 2014, he captained India in Test cricket.

As a grade-A player, Dhoni earned 4-5 crores according to the BCCI wage calculator. He received this sum up until 2018 when he retired from test cricket and was dropped to a lower grade.

Following his final game on July 9, 2019, Dhoni returned to work with the BCCI for Team India. The BCCI secretary, Jay Shah, asked Dhoni to provide coaching for the 2021 T20 World Cup. Dhoni’s BCCI pay was INR 1 crore for this.

MS Dhoni’s endorsement revenue salary

In case you’re still curious about MS Dhoni’s pay, we can tell you that he earns money from other sources besides sports. Because sports are so popular, advertisers always have a soft spot for athletes. This international cricket player gets paid between INR 4-6 crores a day to shoot an advertisement endorsing a product. The annual salary of MS Dhoni from endorsements might reach INR 30–50 crores.

It was stated that a significant portion of his revenue comes from brand sponsorships and ads. In addition to his USD 27 million salary from endorsements, MS Dhoni received almost USD 4 million for each win.

Were You Aware?

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, the film based on his life, paid MS Dhoni INR 30 crores.

Some of the more well-known Dhoni endorsement agreements are as follows:

    • Pepsi

    • India Cements

    • Cars24

    • RedBull

    • GoDaddy

    • Mitsubishi Pajero

    • Dream11

    • Amrapali Group

He is also the co-owner of CSK in which he has a 15% stake.

MS Dhoni’s Social Media Income

Celebrities are well known to receive enormous sums of money for their posts on social media. In the virtual world as well as on the cricket pitch, cricket players are superstars. MS Dhoni bills between 1.5 and 2 lakhs of rupees for each Instagram post. On Instagram, he has a tremendous following of around 42 million members as of April 2024. People visit his Instagram account to see photos from his private life. He uploads images of his daughter and wife regularly. In addition, his articles demonstrate how much he enjoys exploring new locations.

As a result, the companies he supports directly profit from having a ready-made following. On his Instagram account, Dhoni frequently endorses products like Cars24, Oppo, Bharat Matrimony, and others.

Dhoni Enterprises

MS Dhoni is a member of the middle class. He understands the importance of money and investments because of this. The cricket player MS Dhoni’s investments are a significant source of revenue. Let’s examine the vast empire of companies he has built up over the years.

He shares his passion for organic farming on Instagram. He makes a significant investment in the company and advances his passion for organic farming. In his hometown of Ranchi, he cultivates a variety of fruits and vegetables on his 43-acre farmhouse situated in Sembo Village.

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MS Dhoni’s Sports Investments

He is an advocate for encouraging sports among Indians. He feels that no chance should be denied to young people or aspiring athletes. Let’s examine his sporting enterprises:

SportsFit World Pvt. Ltd. 200 gyms across the country
Chennaiyin FC A football team in Indian Super League
Ranchi Rays A hockey team, part of the Jharkhand-based franchise
Mahi Racing Team India A racing team
Dubai Cricket Academy A new Dubai-based venture for aspiring cricketers.

MS Dhoni’s Ventures Into Different Industries

In addition, he has stock in the sports marketing and management firm Rhiti Group and the Banglore-based startup Khatabook.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) First off, what is Dhoni’s IPL salary?

Dhoni would have made a total IPL pay of INR 188.84 Crores by the end of the IPL 2024, his 17th season, averaging a salary of INR 11.11 Crore each season.

2) What was Dhoni’s IPL purchase price?

INR 95 million, or 9.5 crore

3) How much does the MS Dhoni bat cost?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Reebok-labeled bat, which he used in the 2011 World Cup final, sold for an incredible INR 83 lakhs at an auction in London not long after the World Cup.

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