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One must be familiar with both the game’s regulations and the spirit of cricket to understand what the Fair Play award in the IPL is. Put simply, the team that has demonstrated the finest record of adhering to the game’s regulations and upholding cricket’s spirit wins the IPL Fair Play Award. Delhi Capitals won the Fair Play title in the 2023 Indian Premier League.

The Indian Premier League is without a doubt the largest cricket league in the world. The entire cricket globe watches the IPL because it features tonnes of explosive talent, major moments, action-packed events, and spectacle.

Thus, successes and accomplishments are hardly overlooked. Several individual awards are given to the players who made the largest impression during the event, including the Most Valuable Player, Orange Cap, and Purple Cap. Naturally, the majority of people are aware of these honors.

But in addition to the major trophy given to the league winners, the Indian Premier League presents an annual big collective prize. The IPL Fair Play Award is a unique distinction that is generally unfamiliar to many, leading to confusion. As a result, we’ll look at each winner of the IPL Fair Play Award below, along with the methodology used to determine it.

All the Fair Play Award winners


Despite cricket’s nearly 120-year existence, most defenders of cricketing laws and organizations still make an effort to play by those rules as much as they can. Cricket is known as the gentleman’s game. The spirit of cricket is an important idea. This philosophy has also been upheld by the Indian Premier League, which has made an effort to foster friendly relations and constructive conduct amongst rival teams.

In games where the stakes and intensity are unparalleled and players frequently lose their heads, tempers tend to flare up. They must, however, be aware of when to draw the line.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has done a great job of upholding sanity and modeling behavior even though so many players from all over the world, from many cultures and experiences, come together to grind it out for a few months. It accomplishes this by encouraging fair play and rewarding groups and people who exhibit it.

The Indian Premier League team with the finest on-field conduct for the entire season wins the fair-play trophy. In each game, the teams receive points based on their behavior from the third umpire and the two on-field umpires.

The points are awarded to each team by the umpires based on several variables such as their demeanor towards opposing players, their integrity on the field, and other qualities.

The team with the most points is then determined to be the winner. The IPL Fair Play Award goes to the team that finishes the season at the top of the standings.

With six victories, Chennai Super Kings holds the record for most IPL fair play awards. In the meantime, the Sunrisers Hyderabad, Mumbai Indians, and Rajasthan Royals have all already received the fair play award twice.

Two teams that have never won the IPL Fair Play award

The Indian Premier League was won twice by Kolkata Knight Riders, in 2012 and 2014. They even came in second place the previous year. They haven’t succeeded in taking home the IPL Fair Play accolade, though. RCB is the other squad that has never taken home this trophy. It should be mentioned that the Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants, the newest teams to the IPL, have also not taken home this honor

How are points awarded for the IPL Fair Play award?

  • The third umpire and the on-field umpire may give a team up to ten points in a single match.
  • Four of those ten points are awarded based on the umpires’ assessment of how well a certain side has followed the “spirit of the game.”
  • The next three categories, which can each earn up to two points, are based on respect for the opposition, cricket rules, and umpires.
  • A team’s performance is deemed “good” if it receives two points in a given criterion, whereas “average” performance is indicated by one or zero points. 
  • The points that each team accumulates throughout the season determine the winner. Nevertheless, the overall amount of points does not determine the winner. To level the playing field for everyone, the total number of points earned is divided by the total number of games played. This results in the decision being made based on the average rating of each match.

IPL 2024 Fair Play Award Table

1Sunrisers Hyderabad710.4373
2Punjab Kings710.1471
3Chennai Super Kings71070
4Gujarat Titans71070
5Rajasthan Royals71070
6Lucknow Super Giants79.8669
7Royal Challengers Bengaluru79.7168
8Kolkata Knight Riders69.6758
9Delhi Capitals89.6377
10Mumbai Indians79.5767

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Which squad has received the most IPL Fair Play awards?

More than any other team in the history of the league, Chennai Super Kings has earned the IPL Fair Play award. They have already been the recipient of the prize six times.

2) In the Indian Premier League, who took home the inaugural Fair Play award?

In the 2008 IPL season, the inaugural season, the Chennai Super Kings, captained by MS Dhoni, took home the Fair Play trophy.

3) What teams have never been the winners of the IPL Fair Play award?

The IPL Fair Play award has never been won by Royal Challengers Bangalore or Kolkata Knight Riders.

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